New Photos

Am I Cute or What?
Check out this and other new photos of Joanna on Flicker.


5 thoughts on “New Photos

  1. After dropping the food off yesterday, I remembered your blog… I’m so glad I stopped by! What adorable pictures! Joanna is so beautiful, such a wonderful mix of the two of you. She has such a distinctive look (the “Ward look?”) and especially has beautiful eyes.
    I’m also glad to see you getting in naps when you can!

  2. thanks for dinner renae. it was great. those dessert bars were AWESOME! any way i can get the recipe? i just ate the last one and i’m wishing i had a whole pan more, i’d eat them all. 🙂

  3. We still have some left… the recipe makes quite a few. I’ll drop some more by some time tomorrow when I’m dropping off or picking up kids from school along with the recipe. Glad you like them! I just showed Madeleine the pictures, too. Our favorite is the one of you and Joanna sleeping with your arms in the same position.

  4. Gotta tell you… most of the time I look at Joanna and think, “Sarah!”” but I think she is Baby Kirk in this picture!

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