Baby Bjorn

baby bjorn
Here’s me and Joanna using one of the greatest inventions…a baby bjorn. After two days of feeling like I couldn’t get anything done I remembered this gift from my sis-in-law and gave it a try. Wow! How great to be able to use two hands again whilst holding my “attention demanding” newborn. I was even able to go to the market to get fresh fruits and veggies.


3 thoughts on “Baby Bjorn

  1. Where would we be without all these little inventions???? So glad you are getting out and getting things done. Love, Mom

  2. Sarah,
    You make such a beautiful/wonderful mom and I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I think this baby looks like dad more than mom…at the moment:-) Such a beautiful creature…have a wonderful weekend and I’m so thrilled at the idea of a little someone running around who could have your wonderful traits, awesome!!!!! Okay that’s all for now.
    love, hugs and blessings, Kellie
    (oh yeah, when you get a chance email me a phone number, please and thank you:-)

  3. I used my Bjorn today so I could keep both E&J happy at the same time while picking through baby food jars at Whole Foods. Those Swedes sure know what they’re doing!

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