Let It Snow!

snow 001.jpg
Itís early December, and there is a ton of snow outside! I would never have had this in Tennessee growing up, but I think if I had I would have completely freaked out!
Sarah is currently 3-4cm dilated and the baby has been confirmed by the doc to be officially done baking. Now we play the waiting game.
Granny Meiners is here now, and Grandpa Meiners is in route. The ladies went out to babiesíríus this morning and come back with a nifty swing/seat/rocking chair thingy.
snow 002.jpg
Sarah and I are both sick. I took a day off from work, but now, I am feeling better and so of course I feel guilty that I stayed home. Why do I feel guilty instead of figuring that resting at home is the reason that Iím feeling better? Anyway, being sick gave me a good excuse to spend the morning working on a paper that is due next week.
We finally got tired of trying to use the wireless connection from Freedom School and have given in to paying for cable internet. Itís funny how much you will tolerate in order to get something for free. We could only get connected about 15% of the time, so our nice new expensive computer was primarily being used as a nice new expensive spider solitaire machine. So, I am celebrating the new lightning fast connection speed we have by writing this quick update.


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