Kirk’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
We have no chimney at our house, so you’ll have to come up through the plumbing.
Most of all, I would like a beautiful and healthy daughter for Christmas, but if you would like to give me more things due to my extra nice behavior this year then here is a list: (by the way, what is up with this highly legalistic system you have going? I mean “naughty” and “nice”; where’s the grace?)
CS Lewis- Space Trilogy
Harry Potter book 1
The Simpsons season 7
Monty Python-Holy Grail
Looney Tunes-Golden Collection
MST3K Volume 2 DVD
Any two player games
Bach -St. Matthew Passion
John Coltrane-My Favorite Things
Charles Mingus- Mingus Ah Um
Art Blakey-Moanin’
Wayne Shorter -JuJu
Stevie Wonder- Music of My Mind
Howlin’ Wolf- His Best (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection)
Muddy Waters- His Best: 1947 to 1955
The Beatles – The White Album

Guitar stuff
Steel slide
E Bow
Boss Tremelo
Guitar Swag
Home Furnishing
Matching bedside tables w/ drawer
Gift Cards
Any nice restaurant to take my wife to on a date.