Birthday List

My mom has already requested my b-day list so I’m just gonna post it here in the fashion of the Wards. It’s not very long, but this is all I’ve got at this point.
-mothering books you might recommend: devotional, informational, instructional
-a pair of sage crocs (thanks for the advice anna)
-kitchen stool (not the ladder kind) so i can reach my counters
-gift certificates to restaurants or movies
-gift certificates for book stores
-gift certificates for target for clothes or other things i can buy to spruce up my house and baby room
-Diaper bag – check out our baby’s r us registery
-Covenant Lady Scots Soccer nalgene bottle
-Blue flip flop car air freshener (like Anna’s)
-a book about signing to babies
-salad spinner
Teach yourself Swahili
-Tracy Chapman “Where You Live
-STRONG fridg magnets


3 thoughts on “Birthday List

  1. I couldn’t find the diaper bag on your registry at Babies R Us. Did you already get it??? Mom

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