Hair Cut

08-05 211.jpg
I got my hairs cut this past weekend. The hair dresser asked me when I had last cut my hair. Itís probably been almost a year. Iíve wanted to cut my hair for a long time but just havenít had the time. Itís crazy to think that life can get so busy that I donít have the 30 min. to drive 1 mile down the street to cut my hair. Oh well. Turns out they were having a special and the hair cut only cost $7.99. I had to ask the hair dresser if it was customary to tip. We always tipped in Kenya but I didnít know if that applied to the US tooÖfoolish MK that I am.
Iíd also like to take this moment to brag a little on my baby sister whoís the awesomest goalie in the world! Read this article.