Pregnancy Brain

I’ve heard that a pregnant woman’s brain does not function quite as effectively or efficiently as a non-pregnant woman’s brain. My friend who is currently breat-feeding says the same goes for breast-feeding women (the brain cells are released through the breast milk). Over the past months, I have found the “pregnancy brain” claim to be quite true. This morning was a good example.
I’ve been drinking chai every morning since it gives me calcium, is warm, and holds over my appetite. I usually make it as I get ready for work and drink it when I get to work. This morning I turned on the water to boil as I brushed my teeth. Then I added the milk as I finished getting ready. I went to pour the chai in my thermos and it was then that I realized my chai was still white (not the usual brown color). Yep, I forgot to add the tea. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. Funny story! Yeah, it will only get worse. When I delivered Jaron I think that some brain cells came out too. I seriously couldn’t carry a normal conversation with people for at least the first two months after he was born. And my memory and ability to think rationally still hasn’t completely come back yet. Stay home as long as you can so that you can recover as many social skills as possible!

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