Room for Baby

preg pics 008.jpg
Here’s our Baby Room in its latest stage of development. Notice the fresh coat of “Soft Yellow” paint. You can also see the changing table which we bought at Goodwill from $45. (By the way, we learned a good lesson through this changing table: when shopping for furniture it is best to use a vehicle that is large enough to bring the stuff home in).
08-05 069.jpg
Below is a picture of what our little girl looks like. Yup, it’s a human.


2 thoughts on “Room for Baby

  1. Yes I learned the furniture lesson with our computer desk. Awesome $10 purchase but in the end, my friends Honda Element still was too small. We ended up tying it to her hatch, I could’ve done that with the Volvo!
    Is the table a dresser too? Do you need a hamper? I got a cute white one!!

  2. Nice baby’s room. mmmmmmmmmm, I wonder who built it?????? Enjoyed reading about your history. Sure am glad you got Kirk instead of one of those Covenant guys (hehehe). Love, Mom

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