Chain Letter

10 years ago: I was 15 (almost 16) and in the fall semester of my sophmore year of high school. I was on the varsity b-ball team and we were number one in the “conference” that year. That meant beating RVA, our biggest rival. Tenth grade was a great year with a lot of fun but it ended a bit sad with some of my closest friends leaving Kenya.
5 years ago: I was in the fall semester of my junior year at Covenant College. In the midst of the soccer season which meant I had no life. I got up in the morning to go to class. I was in class all day until I went to the gym to get ready for soccer practice. If I remember correctly, I had a lot of trouble with shin splints this season which involved heating before practice, getting taped, and lathering in icy-hot before each practice and icing my shins after practice. After practice there was the rush to get to dinner before the cafeteria closed and then it was on to the library where I had a mandatory “study hall” for soccer 1 or 2 hours. Then back to my room to study more and be in bed by curfew. That was my life and how I managed to avoid marrying a Covenant guy.
1 year ago: Kirk and I had been living in St. Louis for about 3 months. He was working about 30 hours for New City Fellowship and taking classes at Covenant Seminary. I think by then I had begun working as a secretary for RealtyNET Kratky Team. Imagine saying that each time you answer the phone. Kirk and I were enjoying becoming our own family in our own home, away from the familiarity and our families in Chattanooga.
Yesterday: I had a fairly light day at work which was nice after a crazy week last week. I was able to leave at 4:00 though I didn’t get home until about 5:00 because I had to go to Walgreens to get some iron supplement because I’m not eating enough leafy greens. Kirk and I made sweet and sour pork for dinner and ate while we finished watching “Crash.” Kirk did homework the rest of the night while I cleaned up the kitchen; washed dishes and sorted through our piles of “junk.”
5 snacks I enjoy: chocolate-peanut butter-marshmallow shakes, white chocolate recees, maltezers, peanut butter M&Ms, and fruit
5 songs I know the words to: None unless I have the song playing for me to sing with.
5 things I’d do with $100 million: Take Kirk to Kenya to see my old stomping grounds and Tanzania to see Meg. Buy a house. Put money away for my kids education. Put money away for Kirk and I to have to retire. Tithe some to assorted ministries.
5 places I’d run away to: My bed. Mombasa, Kenya. Spider Solitare. My husband’s arms. A cabin on a lake in the mountains.
5 things I’d never wear: I hate to put anything down b/c anytime in the past I’ve stated, “I’d never wear that,” I always seem to find myself wearing it down the road.
5 favorite TV shows: CSI: Las Vegas. CSI: New York. CSI: Miami. Simpsons (thanks to my hubby).
5 biggest joys: feeling my baby move; being with Kirk; eating chocolate; sleep; surprises
5 favorite toys: camera, croquet, computer, cooking stuff, plants when i have time
5 people to pass this on too: meg, anna, rinnie, elizabeth, anyone else who has the time


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  1. Thanks for humoring me Sarah with the chain letter. I thought maybe I’d learn some deep dark secret about you, but no, your the awesome woman I knew you were. Keep up the good work of baby growin’! And go have a big green spinach salad and a rare steak to up that iron… jus kiddin’!!

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