Brown Recluse

Well, it’s been confirmed. The spiders living in our house are brown recluse spiders. We’ve begun the process of trying to get rid of them, rather than Kirk’s alternative which was to buy our own house. 🙂 We’ve set some glue traps and caught 3 yesterday as well as a HUGE cricket. And we asked the maintenance man to put door sweeps on our doors to take care of the inch high gaps in the doors. And I think an exterminator was supposed to spray yesterday. I’m so thankful to God for protecting us so far and had to remind Kirk of how God protected my family as kids living in the bush in Kenya was scorpions and mambas and such dangerous creatures.


7 thoughts on “Brown Recluse

  1. YUK!!!!! Glad you are getting this taken care of before we come in December :-)!!!!! Love, Mom

  2. I’ve got 2 inch long flying roaches. But I guess they might only drive me insane not kill me. But I’m with you Sarah, God will protect you guys. He always does.

  3. Yes, God will protect you guys, unless, of course, He chooses not to, in which case He will not. And if that is the case (that God chooses for you to get bitten by one of these spiders) then moving will not help. You would end up packing up all your stuff and one of those “reclusive” spiders would hide in a box and move into your new house with you and attack you there! So I guess there is no need to worry cuz God is in control and you can rest in knowing that His Will will be done. But we will still pray that His Will for both of you (and baby girl) is to not get bitten or harmed….

  4. ok laini i’m not worried about sarah frakin’ out i’m worried about my brother shreaking in the shower! just say NO to fear! hehe.

  5. thanks for the theological lesson, laini. 🙂 we had our monthly check-up today and asked the doctor if it would harm the baby if i were to get bit. he said no. so at least she’s safe from spider-bite harm for 3 more months. we also get to have another ultrasound next month b/c me placenta was low-lying or something of that sort. not a big risk the doc said, but a great chance to see baby girl again.

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