We have an unusually large amount of spiders in our house. Is it just our house or are the spiders taking over everywhere? We have these very reclusive brown colored spiders so I keep wondering if they are in fact the potentially dangerous “brown recluse” spider.
This morning, I went to climb in the shower right after my wife had finished, and I spotted a big ol’ guy crawling across the ceiling above the shower. (shudder) There is something especially disgusting about the combination of creepy spiders and nakedness.
Favorite spider themed songs:
“Spider” –They Might Be Giants
“Boris the Spider” –The Who
“Spider” –Herbie Hancock
Creepy movie spiders:
“The Return of the King”
“Raiders of the Lost Ark”
My favorite spiders that are not actually spiders:
Spider plants
Spider monkeys


3 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. My scariest spider experience was back when I was in high school. We had some issues with spiders in my house then as well. They never really bothered me. I just think they’re discusting. A few days prior I had watched the movie Aracnaphopia. I was getting ready to take a shower in my parents’ bathroom (another naked experience) and noticed a spider crawling on the outside of the shower curtain. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just keep my eye on it and make sure it doesn’t decide to jump on me and eat me.” So I proceeded with my shower, of course totally forgetting about the spider. I finished up and pulled back the curtain to get out of the shower and what should come falling onto my face but the spider. I’ll tell you, my heart was sure pounding!

  2. Remember Charlotte’s Web? I think at the end of summer the spiders are as big as they are going to get and trying to bulk up for winter or for producing massive amounts of eggs. We have several large ones who build across the back steps for us to go through every morning and one impressive full circle web filling in between the posts on the south side of the front porch. I wonder if it will last until Holloween. It would be an appropriate decoration. Mom W

  3. Bruce Hornsby has a great tune call spider fingers – based on some pretty cool two hand independent riff. I’ve got in on his live album. clip here Not exactly creepy – but spidery none the less…

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