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A few weeks ago I went through all of my clothes and packed up all the ones that didn’t fit anymore. I also packed up the winter clothes that were still lingering in my closet because I know that they will definitely not fit my 9 months pregnant body this winter. I still had some shirts that fit though I am slowly packing those away. I’ll go to put one on for work in the morning and find that I just can’t fit into it anymore, or even if I do, it’s now suddenly too short. I’ve still been able to wear most of my pants thanks to “low-riding” styles. Today, however, marked a new turning point. My favorite khakis wouldn’t button. Well, they would button, but it would have been a long, uncomfortable day. So I used a great secret a friend told me about. I took a hair thing and wrapped it around the button and through the button hole. And voi la! they fit. So, I’ll be able to wear them a few more times but I’m reminded that I will have to go out searching for maternity clothes one of these days. I’ve gotten by so far on only buying 2 shirts (not maternity, but longer than my other shirts) thanks to clothes other people have given and lent to me. (Thanks Katie for the above shirt, it’s one of my favorites.)
P.S. Anyone have advise on clearing up itchy skin?


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  1. Aveeno has soothing lotion, some has oatmeal or menthol in it that releaves itchy skin. Some folks have itchier skin than others. Cocoa butter is also nice and it smells good.But what feels best is hubby’s fingers scratching it for you! And the shirt looks great! I loved it too!

  2. What fun to see your little belly getting bigger, SArah. Can’t wait to see the real thing in less than a month. I hope I can hear the heart beat with a TP tube. It used to work for us, anyway. Love you, Mom

  3. Hey Sarah and Kirk. We’re stoaked for your little girl! Kirk, you ready for a little sarah cruising around? We’ll see if she’s got those Mahlo genes when she comes out at about 13 pounds! We are happy for you guys!We too have joined the blogworld: catch y’all later. Cheers.

  4. Hi, I have a few tips for you, since pregnancy and breastfeeding is my passion in life and I found many ways to be practical without spending a fortune.Ok,my tip is for when you will breastfeed.Take tight t-shirts, the kind you wear under your clithes and cut them at breast level…In the winter your stomach wont freeze when you ll lift your sweater.Too bad you cant read greek, I have ablog filled with stuff like that.For your skin, try chamomille. Others got relieved with lemon.Enjoy your pregnancy and dont worry about the weight, youll loose it in no time.But this…this is magical!

  5. one thing i did was rub baby oil all over my damp belly after my shower in the mornings, and lotion (cocoabutter like kk says) at night.good luck with the mat. clothes. they were the bane of my pregnant life! 😛

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