Sick Day-stream of consciousness from a mind clogged with mucus and pain killers

Careful . . .don’t get too close. I have pain in by head and a runny dose. I am staying home from work today and so I have hours of time to kill while my white blood cells do their thing.
I sent out an email today to almost everyone on my list of contacts in my hotmail account. Perhaps someone is reading this right now who has never had the NewlyWards experience before. Welcome, Buenos Dias, Bon Jour, and Jambo! Ita daktari!
It is a sunny day here in the hot and humid STL, but the AC makes it cool in our house. The sun shines through the translucent green leaves of the trees around our house; it is quite wonderful really. I am listening to “Dedicated to You” from John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. This CD was introduced to me in college, not by my jazz profs, but by my friend Kelly. From the first notes of this song I was in love! Not with Kelly, but with the lush baritone of Hartman’s crooning voice and the tasteful ballad-playing of Trane and the rhythm section. These songs have new meaning for me because now, I am actually in love with my beautiful, Sarah. Sarah, this blog entry “like my heart and me are dedicated to you.”
Being laid up sick makes me think of my grandmother in Chattanooga who is laid up sick. However, she is in a nursing home receiving care for a staph infection in her knee, and I just have the sniffles. My grandmother is a pistol! Despite her age, She works constantly and has a strong mind on her shoulders. One day, she will put in a full day’s work of household chores, then go to bed and wake up the next day in glory. Thank you grandma for your faith and your love!
So, I am spending my sick day at the computer, surfing the web (mixed metaphor) and drinking lots of water. Fluids are the key! I ran out of Halls Defense Vitamin C lozenges (too little, too late I suppose) yesterday before noon. My wife bought half a watermelon this weekend. I hear that watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C. So, instead of drinking O.J. I think I will sit down with the water melon on my lap and a giant spoon and eat the entire thing while I get watermelon juice all over the keyboard and spit seeds at the monitor.
Here’s two questions to feed some commentary:
1. What is your cold conquering technique?
2. How do you like to spend your sick days?


5 thoughts on “Sick Day-stream of consciousness from a mind clogged with mucus and pain killers

  1. I like to treat my colds with lots of fluids, staying at home in bed in front of the TV, and getting as much pity from those around me as possible. The best ever was when I had my wisdom teeth out (i think) and was laying on the couch watching TV. My youngest sister, Anna (the youngest always has to do everything), was on the other side of the house. My movie was over and I didn’t have the control and needed someone to put in something else for me to watch. Sure, I could have got up and taken the 3 steps to the TV, but it’s a lot easier to simply yell, “Anna!!!!”

  2. Hey, NewlyWards!!! Emily Winkler here. I got Kirk’s email about the blog. Thank you SO much for sending it out. I was wondering how you guys are doing. I’m actually in St. Louis quite a bit since Mary Jane Broge (Hendrix) and her husband live there. Her husband, Jason, attends Concordia. He and Paul, my boyfriend, are best friends, so we try to visit often. I’m glad you guys are healthy, wealthy and wise. Congratulations on impending parenthood!! I have a blog site too, although it’s kinda shallow. Go to: tells a little about what I’ve been doing in Chicago all summer. I’ve been working with YWAM here since March. Anyway…I’ll try to keep in touch. You do the same!Bye for now…

  3. I drink hot tea and juices. Use a humidifier if it’s not already humid 🙂 and if my pst nasal/sore throat is really bad. Bad enough to wake me up, a suck on a Sucrets. Also elevating my head with a couple pillows, sleeping sitting up helps and I don’t choke on the Sucrets! Oh, and I take a night to sleep in my own bed, nice. But that might not sound good to a newlyweds/newlywards. And sick days!! What sick days!! You don’t get sick days when you’re a mama! I guess I turn on the TV for Josiah and snooze as long as he’ll let me.

  4. aaaaahahahaha! i’m a doctor. am i even allowed to comment?when i’m sick i start out by feeling sorry for myself because i live alone and there’s no one to take care of me. then i say, physician, heal thyself. i sleep. i alternate between the bed upstairs and the couch downstairs, tv on/off (cartoons are key), music on/off.also i eat. i just keep eating. and eating. all my favorite things, and anything i can manage to cook. and then when i have eaten the cupboard bare, i load up on symptom relievers and go to the grocery store and buy stuff in a blaze (pun on fever) of sick-shopping (like hunger-shopping but you really feel free to buy anything you want because you’re sick). and i drink a LOT of fluids too. fluids are very important. i prefer vit C containing fluids and electrolyte beverages. no caffeinated beverages or alcohol.alternate sleeping and eating/drinking. get someone to express to me that they care, that helps too. and then i can load up on symptom relievers (decongestants, antihistamines, and fever reducers) and go to WORK! work with those sick children who probably gave me the illness in the first place. work with those kids in the hospital who are way, way sicker than i am. i have to wash my hands 20 times an hour but that i way i forget i’m sick, or don’t consider myself sick in comparison, until i can get home and SLEEP and EAT some more.yeah i don’t recommend that last one to laypeople. and, asthmatics, never work if you can’t breathe at the same the way, i’m sorry you’re sick. i hope you feel better. eat and sleep lots. oh and definitely get the lotion-y tissues. totally worth it.

  5. Hey Emily,Thanks for dropping by! Go Chargers! Only three more years til the 10 year reunion, yikes. it is good to hear from you and to see that you are in the ministry trenches, too. If you’re ever passing through STL and you want to hang out give me and Sarah a call. don’t be a stranger…

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