a harmless safety inspection turns ugly

In Missouri, when your registration expires, you have to get an emissions test, a safety inspection, proof of insurance and a property tax receipt before you can even show up at the DMV. We got our emissions test done Monday and so we took our 97 Honda to Miller Brothers for a safety inspection. The Honda failed the test, and we had to spend $750 to make repairs to pass. ARRRRGGGG!!!!Apparently, there were problems with the exhaust and the brakes.
Tommorrow, we take our 93 Nissan to Miller Brothers for its safety inspection. Please pray!


3 thoughts on “a harmless safety inspection turns ugly

  1. The Nissan passed the safety inspection. Just had to get a minor patch job done on the tire. Phew!

  2. YIKES, so sorry Kirk and Sarah. Dad’s cycle didn’t pass here and we’ve had to spend more then it’s worth to get it ready for inspection. Sure hope it passes the second time around!! We know alittle how you feel. Love, Mom

  3. i’m glad my pictures have been of such great use for you.sorry about the car. i think my hondo is going to fail too. but i hope not. maybe tennessee isn’t as strict.

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