Here’s the latest pictures of our little baby GIRL. That’s right, the Mahlow genes have struck again with their feminine dominance. In this picture you can see her heart in the center of her chest as well as her head and both of her arms. She’s growing well and is quite the rambunctious baby. She was kicking so much during the ultrasound that the ultrasonagrapher commented that she’d grow up to be either a ballerina or a soccer player. I think you all know which we would prefer.
WARNING!!! Graphic female “crotchal” nudity!
The large bone on the bottom and big white line on the top are her leg bones. The arrows point to the two small white lines between the legs which are the labial lips (boys do not have these). You go girl!

We are currently working on coming up with girl names which will be revealed after her birth. Suggestions are being taken.


4 thoughts on “IT’S A GIRL!

  1. SO COOL! I’m happy for you guys and I’m glad that everything is going well for mama and baby. Swahili names are best; Sarah, you should have no problem coming up with those. I’ll let you use “Laini” if you want!

  2. Yeah, the ultrasound tech pointed out the “hamburger buns” in Eden’s picture and that’s the evidence. I thought the example was funny. Yeah for girls! there are too many Katie’s in the world. But Hosannah is a lovely name. I almost used it.

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