It Is Too Hot Here!

It is now 8:00am in St. Louis and the temperature is 85 but it feels like 91. Today the high will be 97. It was so hot yesterday that there were blackouts in my office because the neighborhood was drawing too much power to run all the air conditioners. Crazy!
Sunday the forecast is for a high of 102. Our church has a service that meets in an old un-air conditioned church. The service starts at 11:30 and goes until 1:30. Fortunately, Sarah and I will not be going to that service this week. I hope the temperature drops by next week.


3 thoughts on “It Is Too Hot Here!

  1. i will weep for you as i tan out by the pool at hilton head, or as i ride my bike down the beach in the breeze. we need to take y’all with us sometime!

  2. you bet you need to take us! what i wouldn’t give to be out on the beach now instead of at work.

  3. nice picture… it looks familiar.soon i will be joining you in the heat but with no air. but now it’s pretty cold in london.

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