As any mother or father will know, along with pregnancy comes moodiness. I always thought I had a very level temperament. Then I got married and found myself crying more than I’d ever cried before (not that my husband wasn’t wonderful). And then, to make matters “worse,” I got pregnant. And now the floodgates have opened. Ladies, let me give you this simple advise…Marry a man with a comfortable shoulder. 🙂
But on a happier note, after a moody morning, we had a doctors appointment this morning. It’s so nice to hear that woosh-wooshing of our baby’s heart beating and know that all is going well. I’m right on track in terms of weight gain and uterus height. From now on I should begin gaining a pound a week. On Monday, July 25th, we’ll have our second ultrasound and hopefully will then find out if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s so exciting to know that there is a baby, the size of my hand just chillin’ out in my belly, going everywhere I go.