“Heat” of the Night?

Kirk and I are both a little new to the cold weather we’re experiencing up here in St. Louis. (Kirk being from the south and me being from the equator.) Just the other day Kirk commented on how he never thought he’d be excited that it was going to be 30 degrees.
So here’s a bit of a funny story if you need a good laugh at us. A couple of nights ago we had some friends over to play some cards. We learned this awesome new game called Tichu. But as the night progressed we got colder and colder. We figured it was just because we weren’t used to being in our kitchen that late at night (9:30) but were usually heading off to bed. But even when we got in bed it was cold. All night we kept waking up and Kirk would get more blankets and check the thermostat…which said it was 50 degrees in our house. “Hmmm, I guess houses just get real cold up here during winter,” we thought. We endured another night of freezing sleeplessness though not as bad as the first because we put practically all of our blankets on our bed. The next day at work Kirk was remarking to his co-workers at how cold houses get in the winter. “Your house shouldn’t be THAT cold!” they all said. Turns out our filters had to be cleaned. Thank goodness! I don’t know how I would have made it through the whole winter that way.


2 thoughts on ““Heat” of the Night?

  1. Sarah, this reminds me of the time our closet caught on fire when we were living in the shack on Ochs Highway. We were so cold because we couldn’t use our space heater since the outlet blew up and since our closet was all charred we took all our clothes, put them on top of our bed and climbed under. We were toasting warm then! Love, Mom

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