White as Snow

Growing up in Kenya, on the equator, I didn’t experience much (any for that matter) snow. Neither did I when I was going to college on Lookout Mtn, GA at Covenant College. Now that I’m in St. Louis we’ve had snow twice since I’ve been here and it’s stuck to the ground. My desk at the office, RealtyNET Kratky Team (try saying that every time you answer the phone), looks out the front door. Almost all day today it was snowing and the yard across the street slowly became whiter and whiter. And when I say white, I mean WHITE. It’s cool to think that our hearts were once BLACK but because Jesus was willing to suffer and die on our behalf, for the sins we would commit, now our hearts are WHITE like the snow.


3 thoughts on “White as Snow

  1. Hey Sarah! Nice Blog. Looks like we have a blogging virus spreading amongst the family. I suggest using a slightly larger font size next time though! 🙂 Not everyone knows the little trick (ctrl+mouse roller ball) to change resolution size in a browser.

  2. Anna’s on her way to Michagan today. I hope she makes it with all the snow. What fun for you, Sarah. I always loved the snow. The night Dad gave me my engagement ring we went for a walk in the snow, stood under a street light with it lightly snowing, and….. well, I won’t go into details here. Love Mom

  3. Hey Sarah! I was just thinking of the time when you visited once, and how proud my brothers were to tell friends at school that they had cousins that could kick a soccer ball willy-nilly with bare feet. (Or maybe I was the one that told people that. I don’t remember… Random memories always come back slightly twisted for me.) Anyways, my mom forwarded the email you sent with the link to your blog (I hope you don’t mind), because she needed to know exactly what a blog is. Mothers… you gotta love ’em. Well, I hope the whole blog ordeal is a smashing success! ~Sarah Barrett, your lil cuz.

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